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Peachtree Road Race
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Stay On Track Health Journal
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   Dear Friend,
    My name is Manuel Covington. I am the author and creator of the Stay On Track Health Journal.  I am 50 years old and I have been exercising and trying to eat right all my life.  I am going to give you a useful health tip.  "Write it down."   Writing down my daily exercise routine as well as what I ate and drank each day really helped me focus on achieving my fitness goals.  I could look back and see where I went wrong and make the necessary adjustments to get myself back on track.  I could reward myself when I did well.  This is a great tool that will help you succeed in your health and fitness goals too.

     This is a complete, universal 90 Day health journal.  With the aid of this easy to use notebook, I was able to "Stay On Track" with my exercise routine, drinking water goals and daily nutrient consumption plan.  It allows you to document and reflect on what you eat and drink each day.  This all-in-one journal is useful whether you are attempting to lose weight, you are an elite athlete or simply, to track and monitor your overall health and fitness efforts.

    Since I designed it and maintained diligent use of it, I have reduced my weight from 282 pounds to 245 pounds, successfully completed both the Marine Corps Marathon and the 114th Historical Boston Marathon.  I have run the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, Georgia twice.  My completion time and how I feel after each race has progressively improved. My blood pressure and cholesterol numbers are great.  I am enjoying vibrant health.  I attribute a big part of my success in all of these areas to the Stay On Track health journal.  Try it for yourself.  Good luck to you and Stay On Track.

Manuel Covington
Historical Boston Marathon
Peachtree Road Race
Atlanta, Georgia
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